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Success has strings attached that can pull you down.

Being a boss is not easy. Many leaders tend to ignore themselves as they manage through all the office politics, hard targets and focus on supporting their teams.

It is extremely critical that leaders do not ignore their own mental wellness in addition to physical wellness.

Inviting high-achievers to join the Mavericks Alliance

Yes, I would like to join the Mavericks Alliance

Thanks for joining the Mavericks Council.!

Great leaders are often unconventional and they do not think or behave like most people do.

That is precisely the reason that it is difficult for them to connect with others at a deeper level, leading to stress.

Join the Mavericks Alliance to connect with leaders from the business world, coaches, counsellors, therapists. Share and learn to benefit from a collective intelligence of high achievers.



for CXOs, Boards & Leaders

We partner with corporates to create a safe room for deep-diving into the mental space of leaders to explore the visible/ invisible stress indicators, and help them make small personalized changes to achieve big results.

Inspire Peak Performance by Creating Impactful Leaders

Happy leaders create a big impact

With our unique approach combining the best of executive coaching and psychological counselling, we help leaders transform their subconscious mind into a super power. Our interventions  propel leaders into a positive zone where they feel highly productive and happy.


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